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Player count: 1 – 5 players
Play time: 20 – 30 minutes
Designers: Brian Rauch
Publisher: FireStorm Labs

Throw Octopus is a family friendly tile laying game set in an undersea world of tropical reefs and colourful sea creatures. Throw Octopus is a tile laying/tile puzzle game which can be played solo or up to five players in which you play tiles to grow the seascape and complete matching colourful sea creatures. The aim is to either get rid of all of your tiles or score the most points (depending on the player count/game mode you are playing).

Each player starts off with a set number of tiles in their hand and on your turn you simply play a tile to the middle of the play area. There are various placement rules like matching the images and placing all tiles in the same orientation. If you can’t make a legal play then you must draw a tile from the supply. If a player ever “completes” a creature (i.e. is completely surrounded by water) they get a bonus turn and can go again. If a player places a tile with the octopus icon on it then they get to draw an action card. These have various effects like throwing a physical octopus at your opponent (a soft cuddly octopus – no children were harmed in the making of this review), taking another turn, moving an already placed tile or giving another player a tile.

In a multiplayer game players will continue placing tiles until the first player places their final tile and is the winner.

Final Thoughts

Throw Octopus comes with an actual soft toy octopus that you get to throw. As father of two young boys this game is an instant hit and I will give you one guess who always gets the octopus thrown at them. That’s right, me!

Throw Octopus is a very light tile laying game. It is bright, colourful, accessible, quick playing and fun to play with young kids. The tile placement rules are easy enough to explain and with some encouragement and guidance can be played with children as young as five. The action cards are easy enough to explain and understand. There is some spatial aspects to the game which is great for introducing younger gamers to tile laying games.

The main goal is to get rid of all your tiles. There is a big supply that you draw from if you are not able to play on your turn. As such there is some randomness and you may go a few turns without being able to play a tile. This could be frustrating for younger kids but doesn’t happen very often. The seascape grows as you play and at the end of the game forms a satisfying image which the younger kids will love to look at. The art is vibrant and bright and is a great match for the game and target audience.

With the visual appeal, the very accessible rules and simply gameplay this is a game that is great for families with younger children. The added bonus of a octopus that your children can throw (gently of course) will be an instant hit. Throw Octopus is coming to Kickstarter in March 2022 so keep an eye out.

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