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Player count: 1 – 6 players
Play time: 60 minutes
Designers: Martino Chiacchiera & Silvano Sorrentino
Publisher: dV Giochi

Decktective is a cooperative deduction, crime investigation game that builds on the popular Deckscape series by introducing an ever changing 3d crime scene. Players must work together by playing cards to share information about the case & discarding cards that are potential false leads or read herrings. Clue cards are secret so players must decide for themselves what they think is important and what can be discarded. The whole game is made up of a deck of cards which are arranged in particular order. As the game unfolds events will happen and the story will progress. When players get to the end of the deck they must answer several questions with each correct answer being worth a point. The more points the players achieve the better the outcome.

In Decktective: Gaze of the Ghost you are called to a local museum that has reported paranormal activity. But are the stories true or is there something else afoot. Collect the evidence, follow the clues and complete the investigation to solve the case.

Final Thoughts

I love these type of games. What is achieved with just a deck of cards is truly amazing. The addition of the 3d crime scene is very cool and make for a very tactile feeling game. You will, at some point, pick up the crime scene and be moving it around, scrutinising it and searching for clues. This series of games is very accessible and can be set up and played within a matter of minutes. All the rules (which are minimal) are set out on the cards and it walks you through the game very well.

The system as a whole works very well. The imperfect communication is done in a very satisfying way and there is often tense choices to be made when deciding to play a card or discard a card. Every card has a numerical value and you can’t play a card as evidence unless there is equal or more than that number of cards previously discarded. So deciding when to discard and when to play is not an easy choice.

The main story in Gaze of the Ghost is of the standard “something strange has happened, so it must be a ghost” affair. There are some interesting plot twists and plot lines to figure out and deduce. I felt that this story had some leaps of logic in it that were hard to make. Without giving away spoilers there was one particular point of the story that we just did not identify with as being part of the clues. This made answering the questions at the game end very tricky. Even knowing the answers we still struggled to make the connection. I will caveat this with Decktective: Gaze of the Ghost was our first Decktective game so that may have played a part in it. Apart form this one point, the use of the evolving 3d crime scene was a very neat twist on the Deckscape series which I enjoyed a lot. The event cards and the plot twists were interesting and fun to investigate. The end game felt a little bit anticlimatic in this due to, what we felt, was a big leap of logic/deduction which we just didn’t make.

Overall, we still really enjoyed Gaze of the Ghost and one that I would still recommend if you have not checked these out. The system works very well as couples/two player game that forces discussions and cooperation as well as some logical thinking and deduction.

Please note: Decktecvtive: Gaze of the Ghost was provided as a review copy from dV Giochi