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My d4 DICE reviews are a quick and easy to digest review of a board or card game. Along with a brief introduction to the game I use DICE as an acronym for Duration, Interaction, Complexity and Engagement to quickly explore a game. Enjoy!

Player count: 2 – 5 players
Play time: 30 – 60 minutes
Designers: Jesse Daniels
Publisher: Pied Raven Games

You awake from hibernation as a slim and hungry bear. You need to feed and prepare for the next big sleep. But you are not the only bear hunting. Compete with your fellow bears as you race to gather what limited food is available, forage and stockpile pile.

Hibernation is a small box deck building game with a lovely theme. Each player starts off with the same deck of cards and can perform one out of four possible actions. Actions include;
-resting, which gives you five energy (or 3 and every players must shuffle their discard pile in to their deck),
-purchasing a card, by spending energy
-drawing a card from your deck and playing it and
-eating which allows players to return food from their hoard to collect a hibernation token.

Play will continue this way until the first play collects their fifth hibernation token and wins the game.

d4 D.I.C.E. Review


The game is very fast paced and quick playing. A full game is only going to last around 30 minutes and each player’s is very quick. There is minimal downtime and coupled that with the quickness of the game makes it an ideal light weight family/filler game.


There are some cards that give an element of player interaction. But these are few and far between. They are not a major part of the game and these cards can simply not be purchased if that is your play style.


The game is an entry level, light weight deck builder. I would have no trouble introducing this to new gamers or people who are new to deck building. However, I think there is enough here to keep enthusiast gamers interested as well. The rule set is easy to understand and to get to grips with yet there is enough “game” to keep it interesting


Engagement was fairly high throughout. The bear/hibernation theme as nice as it was felt a little abstracted but that does not detract from the gameplay. Paying attention to what your opponent is trying to achieve and when forcing a reshuffle might be beneficial is fun and interesting.