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Those clever chickens are back, first it was Chicken Run in which they tried to escape their coup and now they are experimenting with time travel and have opened up a time vortex. This game is not associated with the movie in anyway (I just thought it was a good intro) and no chickens were harmed in the creation of the Vortex – ok well maybe some were sucked in to the time vortex never to be seen again – but I am sure they are fine, right?

Chicken Time Warp is a three to six player party card game from designer Jesse Harding. You play as one of the six chickens who is desperately trying to find the escape pod and escape the time vortex. But watch out as your fellow chickens are trying to do the same and will stop at nothing to be the only chicken to escape.

In Chicken Time Warp there is a set of cards that represents the timeline that counts down in minutes to the escape window. On your turn you will flip over the next time card, choose to play a card and then draw a card from the deck. Cards allow you to look at an other player’s hand, swap hands, steal cards and generally mess with everyone and everything. There are also “You are dead” cards in the deck and the game features player (or should that be Chicken) elimination. The player who can play the escape pod card on their turn when the escape window card is revealed is the winner.

Final Thoughts

Chicken Time Warp is a funny, quick playing card game with a lot of player interaction. There is a ton of randomness in the game and at higher player count it can get quite chaotic with players swapping hands and getting sucked in to the time vortex. It is not a game with a ton of strategy and long term planning but who cards? It plays in around 30-45 minutes, it has chickens travelling through time and it is fun.

At the higher player counts the game does last a bit long as it is very hard to hold on to the Escape Pod card once you have. In a six player game there are five other people with opportunities to mess with the timeline and steal the Escape Pod card before you can play it.

But as long as players go in to the game with the right mind set, knowing that it is chaotic, there is randomness and you could get eliminated then it is a fun and light hearted game. It is ideal for lunch time gaming and is very accessible with a somewhat bizarre and unique theme.

Chicken Time Warp – quick, light hearted and fun.

Please note – Chicken Time Warp was provided as a review copy from Jesse Harding.