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My d4 DICE reviews are a quick and easy to digest review of a board or card game. Along with a brief introduction to the game I use DICE as an acronym for Duration, Interaction, Complexity and Engagement to quickly explore a game. Enjoy!

Ski Tour Biathlon is a one to five player, dice rolling, race game with a modular board and variable player powers. It is designed by Tobias Olsson and soon to be published by Tea Time Productions.

In Ski Tour Biathlon you play as a nation competing against other nations in an attempt to ski and shoot your way to victory. Do you have the stamina to be faster than your opponents and the steady hand to hit all the targets? Well now you can find out.

The modular board is made up of various corners, uphill, downhill and shooting sections that can be arranged in either the recommended set up or however you wish.

The game plays over two phases, preparation and race. In the preparation phase all players roll their available dice and place them in various columns depending on their numbers.

In the race phase players can take all of their dice from one column and move that exact amount of spaces on the board. Players may also reduce their stamina by one to take the dice from another column for extra movement.

If the players are on the shooting range they must shoot five targets (using the dice in the columns) by rolling the shooting dice. There are four different shooting dice that represent your accuracy and you roll the dice in relation to your stamina level. The more tired you are the less accurate you will be. For any missed targets players will need to perform a lap of the penalty track.

Each player also has a number of “wax” tokens which can be used during their turn to allow them to reroll dice, add extra dice to what they have taken, reroll dice and many other special abilities.

Play continues this way until all players have crossed the finish line. The first player to do so takes the gold medal and is crowned the winner.

d4 D.I.C.E. Review


Relatively quick play time, probably around the 45-60 minutes for a two player game. Four players would probably be about the same as in a two player each player controls two nations.


There is a touch of interaction as you can position yourself behind players to effectively utilise their movements with the draft. There is not any take that elements to the game.


Rules are not overly complex and I can see this being a good family game as well having enough to it for more of the hobby gamer. After a few rounds it was clear and easy to follow and turns went by quick.


Players are engaged with what they are doing and too some extent where the other players were positioned. But I was more concentrating on my position and the dice I had rather than everyone else.

Please note – Ski Tour Biathlon was provided as a review copy from Tea Time Productions