Mortimor County is overrun with the foul schemes of the Dominion of Halitosis. You, as a daring Hero, must protect Mintopia City and its surrounding towns against the dastardly villians wrecking havoc.

Mint Cooperative is the third in the mint games from Five24labs designed by Jonathan Gilmour & Brian Lewis. As with other mint games Five24labs takes a core mechanism such as worker placement (Mint Works) or pick up and deliver (Mint Delivery) and distils it down in to a small box packed game without compromising on the core aspects of the gameplay. Mint Cooperative does this with cooperative gameplay for one to five players.

In Mint Cooperative, players take on the role of a hero (such as The Super Spear, Peppermint Pizzaz or Fantastic Freshman) to travel round Mortimor County, reducing global panic, all the while dealing with the trouble deck, event deck and mayhem cards. The players win if they manage to find and survive three of the villains mayhem cards. The villains win if the global panic reaches 27. Heroes have special Heroic Feats they can perform as well as cunning stunts amongst other actions which is all driven by a dice draft.

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Fresh Thoughts

I just love how Five24labs take a core gameplay mechanism and distil it down in to is rawest, most streamlined version that it could be. Mint Works did it for worker placement, Mint Delivery for pick up and deliver and now Mint Cooperation for cooperative games.

I love the superhero theme as well. The names that they have given to the heroes and the villains are great, play on words of the minty theme and are a great touch.

Set up is easy, the rules are straight forward and the turns are very quick. There is a luck factor in the dice roll but this affects everyone and it encourages the cooperative play even further. You have to talk about what you can do with what dice there are. Sometimes you have to leave off performing your heroic feat or stunt for another player to do it, as their action would be more beneficial to the current game state.

There are a number of different heroes in the game which all have different abilities as well as a decent amount of stunt cards. There are also three villains in the game of varying difficulties with the introductory villain being no pushover. They offer a challenge, but a challenge that you can beat if you work together.

All in all Five24Labs have put together yet another great mint tin game and one that I would happily have in my collection. It is a small box game with a light ruleset, quick play time and yet feels like a bigger game. Be sure to check out the Kickstarter in September 2019.

N.B. Five24Labs kindly provided me a copy of Mint Cooperative for review.