Ominoes is a two to four player abstract strategy game from Yay Games. It was the winner of the Best Abstract Game of the UK Games Expo in 2017. Players are rolling dice and moving dice in order to create groups of their favoured Gods (Horus, Ra, Apep and Khepri) in order to earn points. The first player to reach a certain points threshold (dependant on player count) is the winner.

Final Thoughts

Ominoes is elegant in its game play and simple in its rules. It is easy to teach and is accessible to almost any level of gamer or non-gamer. The game comes with custom dice and a player board. But don’t be fooled by the minimalist components. There is a decent amount of game in the box which offers a quick playing tactical game. Ominoes takes what is great about the board gaming hobby, strips out all the extra fluff that some games come with and distils it down in to something that is fun, easy to learn and yet offers a decent game. I have been enjoying Ominoes a lot and have introduced it to a bunch of people that would class themselves as “non-gamers” and they have taken to it like a duck to water.


On a player’s turn they perform three simple actions.

First, they roll a dice from the supply.

Next, they move a dice from that matches the colour of the die rolled on the main board exactly three spaces.

Then, the player places the rolled die on to the board without changing its orientation.

Each player will be assigned a colour based on where they are sitting at the table in relation to the board. If a player creates a group of four (or more) like coloured dice in their colour, then the dice are removed from the board and scored based on the number removed.

There are two other symbols on the die which are black. These are the Yay-Ra and Ominotep symbols. If a player rolls a Yay-Ra then they can move any die on the board exactly three steps. If a player rolls a Ominotep they can choose any die on the board and re-roll it. The Yay-Ra and Ominotep die is placed as per normal but count as wilds towards scoring the other colours.

Game End

The first player to score 13 points (or 21 points in a two player game) is the winner.