Ominoes: Hieroglyphs is the second game in the Ominoverse and builds on the success of Ominoes (The Best Abstract Game of UK Games Expo 2017). Hieroglyphs is a two to four player abstract tile laying and tile flipping game from designer Andrew Harman and published by Yay Games.

(Tile) Flipping Thoughts

Ominoes: Hieroglyphs is a fantastic tile laying game. The game offers a very interesting puzzle. The tiles are double sided and how best to lay these and where to lay them for optimal blessings, is where the challenge of the game comes in to its own. You only have five tiles in your hand at any one time so the choices are limited but this limitation doesn’t hinder what you can do, but rather creates interesting decisions on how to best perform your move. You are constantly weighing up your options and evaluating and re-evaluating your turn for the best moves. The best move is not just which tiles give you the most blessings though, as you need four different blessings to buy a temple piece and specific blessings to be laid for each temple piece.

The gameplay is very simple making it accessible for non-gamers as well as gamers. There is also enough of a “game” here to keep gamers entertained and engaged. A fantastic tile laying abstract game. If you are looking for a game in this genre then I strongly suggest that you take a look at Ominoes: Hieroglyphs.


In Hieroglyphs players will lay tiles by placing them on the Frieze of Ominotep to make groups of four like symbols. When the active player creates a group of four like symbols they score a blessing token for that group, plus any additional blessing tokens if the group is next to a special altar.

After the blessings are received for a group of four, these tiles are then flipped. If the flipped tiles form another group of four or more like symbols they score blessing tokens again for this group. Players also score additional blessing tokens for any special altars they are next to.

If the second group scores blessings then these tiles are removed from the Frieze, ensuring that the remaining tiles are still connected to the Frieze.

A player can trade four different blessings to acquire a temple tile. Once a temple tiles is built they must place an additional blessing token to complete that part of the temple. Once a player has completed all four temple sections they must build the capstone tile and place a final blessing to win the game. The player to do this the quickest wins the game.